Egypt Holidays – How To Make Your Holidays The Most Memorable

Egypt is the ironic creation of God. Although fine-grained sand and sky touching pyramids abound in Egypt, people from across the world race in to catch a glimpse of the majestic country. Being a part of the African continent and having a great part in the Sahara Desert, Egypt is usually bathed with an average eight hours of sunshine.

It is advisable that you take a tour in the Egyptian country in the winter months of October to April. You can get a moderate temperature as it would not get too hot. The average temperature range prevailing in the winter season is usually twenty three to twenty five degrees while during the summer season the weather gets sultry and a bit sufficed with sweat and the average temperature ranges between thirty nine to forty one degrees.

Best time for Egypt tour

Those who adore sightseeing and sunbathing can avail the holiday around the month of October to April when the temperature is comfortable and soothing. Whereas for those who look forward to scuba dive can go for the holiday in Egypt around May to September since the water is warm and you get a clear vision of the water and the fishes. Tourists must take care of the fact that Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghurda or Cairo can turn up to be very windy aggravated by the Khamsin wind blowing in from the desert.

Before leaving for tour to Egypt

For planning your Egypt holidays, you must make sure that you book the hotels and the resorts before a long time since Egypt gets really busy and occupied by tourist s in the month of October to April when the temperature is most favourable for the tourism to be triggered at a higher rate. The prices escalate in the months of Christmas and Easter and New Year Celebration. You must try to book it through a holiday booking agency and there would always be some offer for your holiday package.

Airport connectivity is a vast option in Egypt. It has a total of 19 airports which include all the small and the regional assets managed by the domestic traffic out of which 8 airports are pretty large and established in the city of Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Alexandria, Luxor and Hurghurda, Cairo being the busiest of all the airports. Taxi services are readily available in the airport itself. They work on the fixed price basis and they are much cheaper than the taxi services in the United Kingdom.

Bus services are also readily available and it proves to be cheaper than the taxi fee. You can refer to the airport desk or the travel agency or the booking guide for more help on what mode of transportation should you avail that would help you fit the holiday in your budget. People usually prefer to book a car entirely for the holiday package since it becomes easy to access and no extra booking is required. Before booking you must make sure that you plan the holiday from the beginning to the end paying careful attention to the budget and travel routes.

Fashion Tips and trends while travelling to Egypt

It is important for you to know that Egypt is a very conservative country. So it is advisable that you do not put on any short tops or skirts in the presence of the locals. The pashmina shawl adds to the exoticness and the glamour of your dressing without impeding your fashion trends or the sentiments of the locals. You can put on some soft cotton based T-shirts or long trousers which will keep you covered as well as give you comfort in the sweltering weather.

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