Saving Money Tips for Your Next Holiday

With money worries affecting most of us I find that money saving tips always come in handy.  I am a working mum and although I haven’t lost my job I have found the purse strings have been tighter than ever. The cost of living seems to be extortionate right now yet my pay is the same as it has been for the last five years. However, I work hard, and so I like to make sure my family and I can enjoy at least a few of the finer things in life, and one thing I won’t cut back on is a family holiday.

Holidays are a wonderful way of reconnecting as a family, enjoying new adventures and seeing the world. I feel holidays are important for children to experience, but I appreciate that not everyone can easily afford a break away. It’s certainly a struggle for us but I have found some excellent ways of reducing the costs and I thought I would share them with you.

  • Look for vouchers in the newspapers. I have enjoyed a few breaks by saving vouchers in some of the largest newspapers in the UK and managed to secure a holiday for the whole family for just a few ten pound notes. These are ideal if you have young children and if you are happy to stay in a caravan or chalet.  You can always upgrade your holiday too and it’s still a lot cheaper than if you were to book it without the offer.
  • Shop about for cheap last minute deals. You may find there are more deals for holidays abroad compared with in the UK.  Package holidays offer some excellent value, especially if you are able to travel without much notice. This can be hard if you work, but if you have some flexi time available or work for yourself the last minute deals can be excellent value.
  • Book in advance and pay for extras up front. Paying in instalments can ease the pain of forking out your money for your next trip.  Also it’s often easier to get better deals in advance on products such as travel insurance and car hire.  Another great tip is to find out where you’re flying from and booking up the airport car part if you’ll be leaving your car at the airport. Remember to look online for all the best deals; you’ll be surprised how much money you can save just by doing some research in advance.
  • Raise your spending money by clearing out your house. Last year I decided to get tough and sell all of the old items we no longer use which have been in our attic room for months, and in some cases years. We raised a large amount of money by selling our items privately and online.  We had lots of old mobiles, CDs, furniture and even a laptop and video camera. The baby clothes alone brought in over £100! You could also sell at a few car boots if you don’t like selling online.
  •  Visit the dedicated page for the area you are visiting online. You can often find some attractive deals on the visit us pages such as money off vouchers, 2 for 1 admission for attractions and kids go free deals. Print off the vouchers and remember to take them with you.
  • Consider using a prepaid euro card if you are heading into Europe. These cards often have the best exchange rates and you can add money into the account for several months before you go.

Have an open mind when booking your holiday.  There are many amazing deals out there all you need to do is spend some time researching online and you’ll be able to save a fortune.

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