Camping Holidays in the UK – Three Locations that Kids will Love

Kids love camping, there is something about not being restricted to four walls that seems to set them free.  They discover a love of the outdoors and are keen to get outside and explore; a far cry from their life at home in front of the TV or gaming system.  There are plenty of locations around the UK that the kids will enjoy, but rather than provide a list of specific destinations here are some types of locations for you to consider next time you think about packing your equipment and heading outside.

Farm Camp Sites

There are family camp sites available on farms all around the country.  Not only does everyone get their fill of fresh air, but the kids will love being able to interact with the farm animals and even lend a hand with the day to day chores where possible.  Holidaying on a farm is also an educational experience but shh!  The kids don’t need to know that.  Many farms also have purpose built children’s play areas too as well as excellent farm shops with fabulous fresh produce.

Theme Park Camping

Major theme parks around the UK also have holiday villages attached to them.  Aside from the holiday chalets and static caravans they also accept private caravans and have tailor made tent pitching sites with all of the facilities that you would expect.  Not only do you get the benefits of a camping holiday, you also get access to the theme park (included in the price of your pitch) so that the kids can run themselves ragged around the park everyday of your holiday if you let them.  There is often evening entertainment on offer in the holiday villages too.

Camping by the Beach

Imaging falling to sleep being lulled by the sound of the sea lapping onto the shore, it works better than any bedtime story ever could.  Children love the beach and there are campsites dotted all around the coast of the UK that you can choose from.  The beach is more than just a soft place to play, there are loads of activities that you can get the kids involved in like beachcombing, or depending on where you decide to visit, fossil hunting along England’s Jurassic coast.  The beach makes a great place for picnics and evening barbecues and you can be sure that all of that sea air will make them sleep very soundly indeed.

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