Prescription Glasses – All You Need to Know!

Prescription Glasses – All You Need to Know!

Eyes are one of the essential organs of our body, which we often take for granted. Eye diseases or a problem in eyesight is nothing new to us. The causes for each of us could be different as some of us would have hereditary problems or could get a power due to too much strain on the eye.

Having trouble in eyesight where you cannot see the near objects or the distant objects or sometimes both is a common problem in our recent lives. This is when you need a pair of prescription glasses to solve your problems and cater your eye its needs.

Whatever may be the reason, protecting your eyes at all cost is what you should be focusing on as soon as you get to know the problem.

What should you do for troubled eyesight?

Your first step to solve the problem would be getting your eyes checked. Don’t wait any longer, rush to your nearest eye specialist to get a check-up done and know the condition of your eyes.

Secondly, based on your problem, the doctor will prescribe you to get a pair of prescription glasses to improve your eyesight. The doctor will prescribe you to get a lens among the following for your eye needs:

  • Single Vision
  • Bifocal Lens
  • Multifocal Lens
  • Progressive Lens

Now comes the tricky part as to from where you would buy your pair of prescription glasses? While a lot of brands and websites claim to sell premium products, only a few do so. One such website is Vision Direct which is highly recommended by us as your one-stop solution for your all eye needs.

Prescription Glasses You Must Buy

Vision Direct lets you choose from the thousands of products available on their website from their collections like the SmartBuy Collection and Arise Collection. They also feature eyeglasses from premium brands like Gucci, Ray-Ban, Oakley and Tom-Ford.

Apart from their huge collection of eyeglasses to choose your prescription glasses from, they also provide you with a 24 months warranty, free shipping and an easy 100 days return on their products.

These glasses are loved by eyewear enthusiasts from all over the world, and so we would love to feature some of them here for you to buy.

  1. Gucci GG03960 002: These pair of oversized yet elegant Gucci glasses for women are a perfect choice if you want to get that dressed up and yet simple look. This pair of glasses is made with a metal frame and is available in three different colours. Also, you can get the lenses customised as per your needs.

Gucci Eyeglasses

  1. Ray-Ban RX6489 2503:The classic Ray-Ban aviator eyeglasses with a metal Matte Black frame would be your pick if you want to get that classy ‘Ray-Ban look’. These unisex pair of glasses comes with anti-glare and scratch-resistant lenses which you can customise to get your pair of prescription glasses.

Ray-Ban RX6489 2503

  1. Tom Ford FT5510 001: The black cat-eye shaped frames made with premium quality plastic by Tom Ford should be your choice for a durable pair of glasses which can withstand heavy usage. The four kinds of customisable lenses you can choose from are a cherry on top by VisionDirect.

Tom Ford FT5510 001

  1. SmartBuy Collection Morgan Asian Fit 604F: Vision Direct’s very own collection SmartBuy features this beautiful metal frame in an oval shape suitable for both men and women. These glasses are an example of premium quality work that Vision Direct provides in their products. Also, this product is available in 7 different colours for you to choose from.

SmartBuy Collection 1

These are some of our recommendations, and you can check the Vision Direct website to get your favourite pair of glasses. Also, as mentioned before all these glasses can be customised for you to get your prescription glasses.


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