Touring London by Bike

As one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities, the most appropriate way to discover the hidden gems of London is on a bicycle. In just ten years, the number of Londoners biking to work has nearly doubled, which is a good indication that out-of-towners can easily explore the metropolis without getting lost.

The city continues to expand their cycling network as well, making it more convenient for commuters to get to the office and travelers to observe all of London’s attractions. Given the growing number of bike commuters, city planners have campaigned to offer as many options for free cycle parking throughout London. Heathrow Airport has had a huge influence on the city’s provisions of free bike parking, housing more than 400 racks and even opening a free cycle center, which is a first for the UK.

Currently, plans to transform empty tube lines into new cycle paths are underway to provide bike commuters with quicker routes around London. Should this push through companies could add new trails to their selection of cycling tours so that visitors are given new opportunities to see more than the usual attractions.

Often companies will advertise the capital’s highlights on their tours, guiding people along River Thames or over the Tower Bridge, but there’s definitely more to London than just those highlights. One tour that you might want to go on is one on Corskscrew Lane in the south of London. Nestled away from the public eye, a secret path leads into the city’s quaint villages and country roads. Starting from Crystal Palace, traveling through the rolling fields to get to the North Downs, this is a bike tour that is unlike any other.

For more suggestions of secret cycling paths that you should investigate, Time Out London has listed down three that will give you a new perspective of the city.

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