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kings lane sandwiches menu

Lunch orders must be placed before 12pm, please call 02 9360 8007

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Square bread as per menu / vienna, turkish or panini add 1    
Vegetarian, seasonal vegetables, eggplant dip 9
Egg, herb mayo, tomato, lettuce 9
Ham, bocconcini, basil, tomato 9
Tuna, herb mayo, lettuce      9
Chicken Schnitzel, herb mayo, lettuce 9
BBQ Chilli Chicken, red pesto, rocket 9
Poached Chicken, herb mayo, coleslaw, lettuce  9
Poached Chicken Light, herb mayo, tomato, rocket 9
Smoked Salmon, herb mayo, potato salad, lettuce 11
Smoked Salmon Light, coleslaw, lettuce 11
Eye Fillet, dijon mustard, onion, tomato, lettuce 11
All salads consist of: lettuce, rocket, tomato, green beans, cucumber,  potato salad, orange veg, coleslaw, red cabbage, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper  
Vegetarian w/ eggplant dip 10
Ham w/ herb mayo 12
Tuna w/ herb mayo 12
Chicken Schnitzel w/ herb mayo 12
BBQ Chilli Chicken w/ red pesto 12
Poached Chicken w/ herb mayo 12
Smoked Salmon w/ herb mayo 14
Eye Fillet w/ dijon mustard + onion 14
Brown Rice  
Tuna, eggplant dip, rocket 10
Poached Chicken, red pesto, green beans 10
BBQ Chilli Chicken, red pesto, coleslaw 10
Beef  add 4  
Make your own sandwich  
Square bread as per menu. / vienna, turkish or panini add 1  
Ham 6
Tuna 6
Chicken – poached, bbq, schnitzel 6
Salad – cucumber, tomato, lettuce 5
Salmon 8
Tasty Cheese 5
Beef 8
Egg 5
lemon, dijon mustard, herbs, onion .5
tomato, cucumber, lettuce, fresh chilli 1
pickles, green beans, rocket 1
tasty cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, egg, fried egg, 2
bocconcini, avocado, red pesto, herb mayo, eggplant dip 2
orange veg, swiss cheese, red cabbage 2
meat 4
Square bread as per menu / vienna, turkish or panini add 1  
Toast w/ vegemite, jam, honey, peanut butter, cinnamon 5
Scrambled Eggs w/ Toast 8
Fried Eggs + Bacon w/ Toast 10
Ham + Cheese Omelette 12
Bacon + Egg Sandwich 8
BLT w/ herb mayo 9
Grilled Sandwiches priced as ‘make your own’  

Sandwiches/salads come with salt + pepper unless otherwise stated. Herb mayo contains raw eggs. Changes may be charged as ‘make your own’.  Availability of all menu items cannot be guaranteed.

Please place all phone orders by 12 pm to ensure your call is answered. Call 9360 8007



Download PDF Menu




kings lane sandwiches
phone: 02 9360 8007
1/28 Kings Lane, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010.