Best Cities in the World for Creative People

A flourishing creative class defines how successful and modern a city is. We have done a round-up of the best cities in the world for creative and artistic people. The selection is based on factors such as acceptance in the city, affordability, work opportunities and other inspirations.

Here are some of the cities of the world where artists and writers, musicians and designers simply love to be.


The capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam has earned the reputation for being extremely liberal. The locals of the city however are not as radical as the tourists coming to Amsterdam. This city encourages out of the box thinking that you don’t get in most other cities in the world. The style is believed to be alternative and minimalist. There is focus on art and graphics.

The city boasts of beautiful lakes. That’s where people with a creative bent of mind can sit, soak in the nature and get directions.


Travel the world and you’ll come to realise that there is no place like Paris. This capital city of France,often referred to as the city of love, bursts with charm and romance. It is no secret that for people in the pursuit of fashion, Paris is the place to be. It is the ideal place for dreamers and those who like to paint and have an inclination towards old architecture.


Tokyo offers unprecedented amounts of inspiration. Japan’s biggest city is where anything seems possible. Tokyo bustles with creativity of all kinds and especially tech entrepreneurship and fashion.

Austin, Texas

There is a reason why the official slogan of the city is “Live Music Capital of the World.” Austin offers a lot to ignite the minds of the creative lot. Its numerous parks and lakes offer people the opportunity to soak and draw inspirations.

Austin’s creative culture is pretty massive and not limited to any one form of art. The city boasts of unique street art, world famous film and music festival. Austin is home to lovely book stores and literary and cultural archives.


Berlin is famous for its approval of creative freedom. People all across the world have shifted base to Berlin due to the welcoming and encouraging start-up scene here. Berlin encourages creative endeavors like no other place.


London stands taller than most of the other cities in the world for its attitude and desire of innovation. This is a city that welcomes anything that is unconventional and fresh. Although London can be expensive, there are numerous artistic and more affordable neighbourhoods too.


A creative powerhouse, Melbourne instantly wins the heart. There is a unique vibe about Melbourne that makes it the fertile ground for anything creative. There are beautiful boutique brands all over the place and charming coffee shops with success stories. The city is also thick with fashionistas and hipsters.

New Orleans

New Orleans is the place of jazz. It is considered to be one of the apt cities for musicians. New Orleans offers the right audience and excellent inspiration and the city is also home to a large number of actors and actresses.

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